Our 3 Activities

Leadership and Management

  • An effective organisation is based on dynamic systems whose central element is the individual.
  • One of the most important added value of a company is the motivation, professionalism and the performance of its employees.
  • The responsibility of every manager is to lead and motivate his team: thus everyone can contribute to the performance and growth of the company.
  •  Leadership and Management
    Our Training modules

    Operational Management

    Techniques for conducting effective meetings

    Manage according to personalitites

    Manage action plans and coordinate teams

    How to conduct a “hiring” interview

    How to conduct an “evaluation of the performance” interview

    How to conduct a “motivation” interview

     Sève international assists your team leaders in developing their managerial skills

    It is the manager who decides, organizes and controls. He must therefore also know how to delegate, motivate, and communicate to each employee, who can thus bring the best of himself.