Our 3 Activities

  • For us, a successful organization based on dynamic systems. Training and development skills of employees throughout their working lives should be one of the key missions of each company. A company value depends on the motivation, professionalism and performance of men and women making it up.
  • Our teams of experts have the advantage to combine theory, pedagogy and also a rich experience in international companies. We create personalized training courses or programs embedding our clients culture. Our training modules combine pragmatism and results-oriented culture.
  • Our Training Beliefs

     The effectiveness of our practices

    • Combination of team training and recommendations for tools & process.
    • Blended learning: e-learning, classroom training, coaching & co-development
    • Assessed before, during and after each training session

     Construction of Sales Schools of in France and abroad

    Your sales teams are
    The creation of a Sales School allows you to

     Sève International helps you build your Sales School

     Learning Management System- LMS Platform

     A Learning Management System allows

    • Personalized follow-up of courses, planning and management of e-learning training
    • Consultation of theoritical educational contents and educational multimedia contents
    • Manage any issues in the learning of community and assist learners (internet assistance)
    • Remote training (distance education)
    • Best practices exchanges between learning community members (Forums, specific internal social chats )