Our 3 Activities

Strategic consulting and Implementation of operational plans

Created in international 2009, Sève International, is a consulting company specialized in Marketing and Commercial development.

Our teams are able to combine the theoretical contributions of the academic world and a long experience of the ground. We respect the culture of our customers, and we help them to reach business objectives within the framework of personalized approaches allying pragmatism and culture of result.

We like being the actors of our own propositions of action. We accompany our customers not only in the definition of their strategy but also in the application of all or any of the operational plans.

 What can we do for you ?

Define Strategic priorities

  • Strategic diagnosis
  • Market researches
  • Definition and implementation of customer segmentations
  • Distribution channels analysis
  • Consumer behavior understanding and Search for differentiating positioning
  • Business intelligence
  • Targeting new countries


Build business plans

  • Marketing plans
  • Commercial strategy
  • Manage the process to get financial helps

Develop and or adapt Marketing and sales tools

  • Packaging , web site… Creation or Adaptation
  • Sales folders and product launch kits
  • Development of Merchandising tools
  • Trade shows organization


Establish distribution networks, Hire sales teams

  • Search for distributors or sales agents
  • Recruitment of teams
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Identification of potential acquisitions


Train and motivate teams

  • Commercial performance
  • Intelligence of the Negotiation
  • Strategy and Marketing
  • Leadership and Management
  • International


Follow up and implementation of corrective action plan

  • KPI’s Implementation
  • Elaboration of skills assessments tools
  • Audit of customers and prospects

 Some examples of actionable action plans that we can implement for you                    

  • Strategy: build marketing plan, implement customer segmentation, organize product ranges, elaborate and implement commercial policy …
  • Innovation: search(research) consumer insight consumers, development of new products ..
  • Marketing Expertise : market research, product launch, product differentiation, optimization of price positioning …
  • Communication: organization of international fairs, development of sales folders, manage in store and out of store advertising campaigns…
  • Visibility: Website design, development of Merchandising tools …
  • Training :creation of training programs, building sale schools …
  • Negotiations: formalize distribution agreements and business partnerships, brand and trademark licensing …
  • Sales: selection of agents and/or distributors. recruitment and management of commercial teams. optimization of customer relationships...