Our 3 Activities

Our working method

For each project our working method is based on a 3 steps process:



Phase 1: “Listening “

Situation analysis and benchmarked evaluation



Phase 2: “Sharing “

Objectives setting and action plans definition



Phase 3: “Acting “

Operational implementation and follow up

  Our Service Offer

We work with clients on an individual basis to create solutions that fit their objectives, budget and culture. Nevertheless we have developed 3 levels of service offer that encompass all possible cases:

  "Jumpstart" Offer

A Support during 5 to 10 days.

Examples: strategic audit, sales agents search, business plan building, funding application development, market studies.. 

  "Guardianship" Offer

A 2 to 3 months Support.

Examples: hiring process, fair organization, development of sales tools, training program implementation creation of a distribution network…

  "Greenhouse" Offer

A 6 months (and more) Support .

Examples: externalisation of your marketing or export department , management of sales teams , creation of internal sales school…